Man Your Battle Stations: HB 5 Vote TODAY!

Word on the street: Texas House of Representatives will debate and vote TODAY on HB 5

HB 5 is, according to many, a long overdue response to mounting opposition from both parents and educators condemning the current testing regime in Texas. In short, HB 5 seeks to:

  • Reduce the number of end of course exams from 15 (more than twice any other state) to 5
  • Change requirements for graduation to endorse a wider variety of subjects and “pathways” to the future
  • Implement a new accountability system that evaluates schools on more than just their standardized test scores. Imagine recognizing community and student engagement as important measures of success!?

As reported by the Texas Tribune, HB 5 will be up today for what is likely to be a long, controversial debate between those who oppose Texas’ agressive high-stakes testing and those who believe these changes might risk reducing standards and reversing gains that some (including education reform organization The Education Trust and La Raza United) perceive as being made for low-income students.

As the Daily Texan is careful to point out, reducing the number of standardized tests does not fix the underlying issues of budget cuts, massive teacher layoffs and actual classroom instruction BUT many believe it represents an important step towards salvaging the sinking ship that is Texas public education.

Interested in adding your voice to the conversation? Go HERE for the name and number of your state representative.

Click HERE for a more detailed summary of what HB 5 proposes to accomplish and STAY TUNED for more on the ongoing debate over the removal of the 4X4 graduation plan.


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